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AZURE – Built from the ground up for modern yacht crew professionals

In 2015 we set up Azure Yacht Crew Health with our core focus on the Yacht Crew Health Insurance market, as we realized what an outdated, badly serviced and overpriced mess it was. As actual seafarers and former yacht Captains and Crew, we knew that regulatory standards on  yachts were changing fast, but the same old junk healthcare was still being peddled out to yachts at over-inflated prices, with zero service, knowledge and back up.

Azure Yacht Crew Health decided to change this by building a healthcare plan from the ground up that is designed with ONLY Superyacht Crew in mind.

AZURE offers:

  • in/out patient treatments
  • up to 100% coverages
  • prescriptions
  • dental & vision
  • preventative medicine
  • mental health coverage

Your Advantages:

  • cost effective plan choices
  • individual or family plans
  • up to 100% medical expenses
  • just 1 simple $250 deductible per policy year
  • simplified underwriting
  • pre-existing conditions covered
  • no COVID-19 restrictions

Medical Network 24/7:

  • multilingual (37 languages)
  • worldwide coverage
  • 53,700 medical centers, 66 countries
  • full coverage in the USA

Death & Disability:

  • accident or illness
  • temporary disability
  • permanent or partial disability

Assistance & Repatriation:


  • worldwide benefits 24/7
  • political evacuation
  • third party liability
  • legal assistance, bail bonds

But that is not all…

Azure Yacht Crew Health is constantly evolving. We work with Captains, Crew, managers and constantly get their feedback on what they like and do not like.

Azure Yacht Crew Health has flexibility to change as regulations do and as yachts venture to further flung places around the world.

Azure Yacht Crew Health has updates and moves forward as technology does. Azure Yacht Crew Health makes it easier for the crewmember, Captain, Manager or owner to control their policy.


  • Does your current policy accept pre-existing conditions?
  • Does your policy have comprehensive USA coverage?
  • Does your policy have direct billing in the USA?
  • Does your policy have ZERO deductibles?
  • Does your policy have ZERO out of pocket expenses?
  • Does your policy allow coverage worldwide?
  • Does your policy cover COVID-19?

If you answered “no” to just one of these questions, it’s time to ditch your policy and switch to Azure Yacht Crew Health. Fill in the below to get a quote to compare what you have now to Azure Yacht Crew Health.

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