Shoreside Industry

From Management to Mechanics; we’ve got you covered.

In a transitory industry like yachting, attracting & retaining the highest standard of employees is essential for any shoreside business and a competitive group employee benefits package can make the difference.

Licensed in around the USA and multiple locations worldwide, Azure Yacht Crew Health is ideally placed to serve the needs of multinational companies too, and also employees that travel regularly. Azure Yacht Crew Health is appointed with global insurance carriers, enabling us to find the best fit for your price point and medical needs.

Medical, Travel, Disability, Life, Annuities, Dental, Vision, Gap.

If your company elects to offer more than a group health insurance plan, life insurance, dental and vision, as well as long and short term disability, can be considered for your employees and their families.

Whatever you need, the Azure Yacht Crew Health Certified PPACA Professionals will provide you with bespoke services, assisting & guiding you and your employees and will always be on hand to answer questions and be firmly on your side during any claims process.

We work extensively with the HR departments of small, medium and large corporations to arrange group coverage over work forces of tens, hundreds and even thousands of employees, putting in place an Azure Yacht Crew Health administered support structure, offering assistance and guidance for any questions, claims and disputes.